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澳门真钱赌城开户欢迎您的学生将会发现澳门真人赌博开户欢迎您的课程在他们获得学位的过程中具有成本效益. Curriculum students can expect to spend an average of only $3,每年的学费, 书, 和物资, depending on the major selected. 欲了解更多信息,请联系招生办公室了解具体的学院费用或访问 出勤费用 页面.


Log in to your 自助服务 account using this link.

You may also pay for classes in person by visiting the Business Office located in the Administration/Education Center (Room AE 025 near the front entrance).

Attention Curriculum Students!

You are about to leave the 澳门真钱赌城开户欢迎您 website. 点击下面的链接访问FACTS学费管理网站,以设置付款计划.

Please be aware that FACTS 学费 Management and e-Cashier is a 以营利为目的 付款计划.

If you choose to enroll with FACTS, you are aware that:

  • Minimum amount to enroll in FACTS - $300 for tuition, fees and 书.
  • 除非您在退款期限内(在RCC学生手册中说明)正式退学和/或退学,否则您将负责全额延期学费。.
  • 你明白旷课或停止上课不构成正式退学. You will still be responsible for the full amount of tuition and fees.
  • 您明白,向FACTS支付的退款将按照正常的学院退款政策进行处理. Refunds will be given in the form of a check payable to you, 学生, not the responsible party on the FACTS agreement. This includes payments made by credit card or Automatic Bank 付款 (ACH).
  • You understand that any financial aid (Pell grant, SEOG, scholarships, etc.),在您收到任何经济援助收益(经济援助支票)之前,将用于任何剩余的递延金额。.
  • 您将负责通知商务办公室任何增加的课程,或在学费账单上的到期日之前支付额外的课程. If you do not, your payment amount will be increased to cover the additional costs.
  • If you terminate your agreement with FACTS, 你必须在付款截止日期前向澳门真钱赌城开户欢迎您支付学杂费,否则你的入学资格将被取消.
  • 您明白,任何错过的付款将导致FACTS每次尝试从您的帐户付款并失败时收取25美元的费用.
  • You understand that if you are an early registration participant, 您必须在正式注册前至少五个工作日通过FACTS支付学费或预算. 未付学费将导致注册清除(自动退出所有课程),这意味着您必须在常规注册日重新注册.
  • 你明白学院会将未偿帐目转介给国家抵销债务及/或催收机构.
  • Once you have registered for classes and have enrolled in FACTS, you may proceed with buying your 书. 只需带着你的注册表副本去校园商店,并告诉校园商店的工作人员你是一名FACTS学生. The store will confirm your FACTS status and allow you to get your 书. 购买后, 商务办公室将根据实际帐面成本调整预估帐面成本,并修改FACTS管理余额. 谢谢你!.






请注意: 北卡罗来纳州议会为州内和州外居民设定学费费率. They are subject to change by the General Assembly without notice. 费用由州立法行动和/或州委员会行动和/或RCC委员会行动确定,并可能发生变化.

(effective Spring 2016 Semester)


  • 1 - 15学时:$76.00 /学分
  • 16 or More Semester Hours - $1,216.00 /学期
  • 1 - 15学时:268美元.00 /学分
  • 16 or More Semester Hours: $4,288.00 /学期

活动费用* – $2.每学时75美元(33美元).每学期最高00元)
技术费 – $2.每学分00美元($32).每学期最高00元)
停车费 - $5.00 parking fee per semester
毕业典礼的费用 - $5.00 /学期
实验室的费用 -视课程而定

The cost for 书 和物资 will vary according to programs. 了解更多信息, students may contact a student success counselor or faculty advisor for the program area, as well as review information published by the RCC校园店.

*注意: 大学退款政策是由州和立法机关制定的,如有更改,恕不另行通知学生.


如果学生在课程达到官方规定的10%分之前正式退课,可以根据学生的要求退还75%的学费. Activity fees are nonrefundable except when a course fails to materialize. The student should initiate the withdrawal process by contacting their faculty advisor. 如果学生在开学第一天之前正式退课,或者学院取消该课程,学生可以获得全额退款.

No refunds will be made after the 10 percent point of the course, even though 学生 may not have attended classes up to that point. 例外:如果学生获得了学生经济援助资金,并且学生在他/她被收取的入学期的60%点或之前退出,则需要进行法定退款计算.


  • 联邦佩尔助学金
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
  • Other student financial aid programs
  • Other Federal, State, private, or institutional sources of aid

为了支付学费,学院会向每位申请人询问有关其合法居留权的问题. The NC Residency Determination Service, ncresidency.cfnc.org, 将北卡罗莱纳课程的学生分类为居民或非居民的学费目的. The definition of a resident for tuition purposes is set by North Carolina law (G.S. 116-143.1).

学生的负担仍然是证明居留身份,并开始和完成改变居留身份的过程. 希望申请更改居住分类的学生必须填写并提交居住申请和文件 ncresidency.cfnc.org.

Notice of Change: Effective January 30, 2017, 所有申请人的居住学费将由NC居住决定服务决定,包括, 但不限于, 最初的分类, 重分类, 和上诉.

Students are not permitted to default in the payment of fees, 罚款, 贷款, or other financial obligations due the College. All tuition and fees must be paid at the time of registration. 因资金不足而被退回支票的学生可能需要以现金支付,并偿还学院所产生的任何银行费用. 未支付学校经济义务和/或入学申请不完整的学生将不允许注册下一学期,直到所有义务都得到满足. Grades, transcripts, and diplomas will not be released until all obligations are met.

Pursuant to North Carolina General Statutes 115D-39(a) and 116-143.3, 当除武装部队以外的雇主为雇员支付学费,使其进入根据G.S. 116-143.3 and when the employee works at a North Carolina business location, the employer shall be charged the in-state tuition rate. 

To sponsor a student at 澳门真钱赌城开户欢迎您, 学生 and student’s North Carolina employer must complete and sign the 商业赞助表格. Completed forms should be 提交ted 每学期 注册官办公室, located in the Student Services/Welcome Center of the Asheboro Campus, at least five (5) business days before the start of class(es).

Once a 商业赞助表格 is received and approved, 学生的学费将在被赞助的学期从州外改为州内.  然后,北卡罗莱纳州的雇主将能够通过访问位于阿什伯勒校区行政/教育大楼的商务办公室或致电336-633-0292为学生付款. 付款 deadlines are based on the date of registration and may be found at www.伦道夫.edu/calendar.  

In the event that the employer does not pay the tuition in full, 该学生将以州外费率负责账单,否则将因未付款而被退学.

For assistance with this process or any additional questions, contact the Registrar’s office at 336-633-0200 or rccreg@伦道夫.edu.