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RCC Care Team

Randolph Community College is committed to providing a safe and supportive campus community. The CARE Team at Randolph Community College provides Campus Assessment Response & Education. The mission of the CARE Team is to serve as a resource for students, faculty, and staff to address any concerns with alarming, worrisome, disruptive, and/or potentially threatening behavior. The CARE Team uses a proactive approach to address the diverse needs and concerns of students and to support those who may be in distress before situations rise to crisis levels while maintaining a focus on the overall safety and well-being of the campus community. Members of the campus community may report a concern (non-emergency) using the link below. During the hours of operation, individuals should report a crime by calling the RCC switchboard at 336-633-0200 or 911 if necessary. If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.

Report a Concern (non-emergency)

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The CARE Team is not an administrative, treatment, or disciplinary group. Rather, the CARE Team aims to serve as a central point of contact regarding concerning behaviors on campus in order to reduce silos and increase communication, thereby addressing concerns early on in a preventative manner. There is not a minimum threshold for referred behaviors. The Care Team receives referrals and addresses lower risk concerns including but not limited to disruptive or concerning behaviors, difficulty accessing resources, personal, emotional and/or psychological difficulties as well as higher risk referrals including safety concerns and harm to self or others.

Concerns about employees can be reported to Randolph Community College's Human Resources Department. The Report a Concern form is for reporting concerns about student behavior only.

Care Team Manual